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Antibacterial and decontaminable range for total control of infection risks


SPM Antibacterial (international) SPM Decontamination (international) SPM Dedicated Healthcare (international)
Your establishment 100% protected
Walls always intact : no premature wear and tear, no development of bacteria, no propagation of dust known to carry contamination.
100% decontaminable
100% of the bacteria eliminated 30 minutes after decontamination
100% dedicated to healthcare
Specially designed materials, shapes, finishes and assembly systems


Hygiene and decontamination

SPM commissioned an independent laboratory’s hospital hygiene department, the Institute Pasteur of Lille, to perform a cleaning/decontamination study on its products. The tests conclude that SPM products, when cleaned in accordance with methods, detergents and disinfectants used within hospitals, can achieve effective decontamination levels and maybe also used in infectious risk critical areas. (Test reports No. C/0510506M and 1100908M)

Bacteriostatic PVC

The entire SPM range is specially designed to prevent build-up of dust and germs. The non-porous surface and rounded design of every product are the result of in-depth engineering studies.(Nosoco. tech laboratories, test reports n°10053101 and 10053102) 

Chemical resistance

SPM uses independent testing laboratories to demonstrate how well its PVC extruded sections stand up to standard cleaning, disinfection and antiseptic products used in the healthcare and public buildings. (ANIOS Laboratory, test report n°17242.04/219, BIOQUELL® test report n° TD 041-003-14)

Made in France

Toulouse-based company, expert in wall protection and handrails for over 40 years

Part of the Gerflor Group

French multi-specialist group, world leader in floor coverings

Health & Safety

Suitable for areas with high risk of infection. Fire classification M1 and Bs2d0

100% Service Team

A team of specialists at your side to advise you and carry out your quotes and orders

Environmental Friendly

Recycled materials, clean formulation, recycling of end-of-life products, …