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  • Wall Protection
  • Protection panel

Panels protect walls and doors in wet rooms
Wall - Wall protections

The matt surface of the panels and the 5 selected neutral shades of white, beige and grey will add understated style
to your spaces while also offering scratch resistance and total watertightness.

  • The Decochoc H2O panel has been specifically formulated to ensure an optimum fusion of panels and coving with the H2O welding cord. This system provides total watertightness, a property approved by the CSTB and ATEx certified.
  • Its surface is slightly textured with a fine and matte Hydr’X grain finish, perfectly suitable for wet areas due to its water-repellent qualities that limit the development of limestone while ensuring optimal scratch resistance.
  • Its is available in 5 bright colors to give a space feeling in wet areas, which are often small
Technical description
  • Model: Decochoc H2O protection and covering panel for wet areas
  • Standard panel dimensions: 2.50 m x 1.30 m
  • Custom options: cutting to size, bend into L/U, thermoforming, chamfer
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm
  • Material: antibacterial and Bs2D0 fire-rated PVC, solid colour
  • Surface finish: slightly textured. Specific wet area Hydr’X grain
  • Fixing: adhesive bonding with SPM acrylic glue. Joints between panels should be made using PVC welding rods, colour matched to the range
  • Colours: 5 standard and 7 standard on request with a minimum order quantity
Technical description
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SPM solvent-free universal putty glue

Packaging : 290 ml

Stainless steel spatula notched serration A2

Height : 200 mm

Finishing profile and/or junction Fin'color

Width : 3.00 m

Double Handle Marouflage Roller

Width : 210 mm

Height : 120 mm

Cutter 701 with hook blade

Width : 140 mm

Case of 10 hook blades

H2O welding bead for panel (colors matching the panels)

Packaging : Roll of 100 ml

H2O silicone gasket for panel (colors matching panels)

Packaging : 310 ml cartridge

Decrease profile in PVC

Width : 2,5 m

Height : 40 mm

Packaging : Thickness 2 mm