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  • Wall Protection
  • Protection panel

Make your project unique ! - Sustainable formulation
Decorative panel with personalised digital printing

  • Custom-made panels are digitally printed in the desired size, with the possibility of connecting the images to ensure continuity.
  • A touch of elegance and originality for establishments looking for an aesthetic or signage solution to decorate the walls, inform.
  • Formulation free of heavy metals and 100% of the product is recyclable.
  • To limit the cleaning before reception, a protective film is required.
  • Model : Decoprint decoration (1 mm) panel with customized digital printing
  • Height : made-to-measure (maximum 1,20 m)
  • Width : made-to-measure (maximum 2,90 m)
  • Thickness : 1 mm
  • Material : translucent PVC-free, Bs1d0 fire-rated, with image printed on the back
  • Surface finish : matt and smooth
  • Fixing : Adhesive bonding with SPM acrylic glue or SPM universal mastic glue. Joints between panels can be made using silicone joints, colour matched to the range
  • Colours : translucent for customization
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SPM Decoprint - Guide
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Decoprint - Product Card
250 Ko
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SPM Contact with foodstuff Test Report - 2016
250 Ko
Hygiene and decontamination
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SPM Antibacterial PVC Nosotech report - 2010-07
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Installation procedures
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Panels - Installation procedures
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Silicone gasket for panel

Packaging : 310 ml cartridge

Welding bead for panel

Packaging : Roll of 100 ml

SPM acrylic glue, single glueing without solvents

Packaging : 6 kg

SPM acrylic glue, single glueing without solvents

Packaging : 14 kg

SPM solvent-free universal putty glue

Packaging : 290 ml

Roll of double-sided foam adhesive 4957/15

Width : 15 mm

Packaging : roll 25 m

Roll of double-sided adhesive 4970/45

Width : 45 mm

Packaging : roll of 50 m

Stainless steel spatula notched serration A2

Height : 200 mm

Double Handle Marouflage Roller

Width : 210 mm

Height : 120 mm

Cutter 701 with hook blade

Width : 140 mm

LEISTER wall welding case