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  • Wall Protection
  • Protection panel

Wood design - Easy cleaning
Panel providing protection against impact and abrasion as well as the style of a wood effect finish

  • Warmth of wood without the drawbacks
  • High abrasion resistance of the heat-sealed film
  • Resistance to standard cleaning, disinfection and antiseptic products (Anios and Bioquell test reports)
  • 7 wood effect decors, available for handrails and corners too
  • Model: Decowood decorative protection panel
  • Standard panel dimensions: 3 m x 1.30 m
  • Custom options: cutting to size, bend into L/U, thermoforming, chamfer
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Material: wood effect Bs2d0 fire-rated PVC
  • Surface finishing: wood effect
  • Fixing: Adhesive bonding with SPM acrylic glue, SPM universal mastic glue or SPM MS Polymer glue. Joints between panels can be made using silicone joints or PVC welding rods, colour matched to the range.
  • Colours: 7 standard wood effect finishes
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Discover our decors
and colours

Results : 7

0060 Maple
Light Oak
0062 Light Oak
Stripped Pine
0065 Stripped Pine
Brown Cedar
0069 Brown Cedar
Smoky Cedar
0068 Smoky Cedar
0070 Wallnut
0071 Cherry


Discover the documents at your disposal for your projects

Product description
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Decowood - Product description
362 Ko
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Decowood - Product Card
110 Ko
Solutions for panels fixing & finishing - Product card
117 Ko
Solutions for panels thermowelding & thermoforming - Product card
245 Ko
Tools - Product card
564 Ko
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SPM Bs2d0 Fire Certificate Decochoc Decoclean Decowood Decotrend - 2020 to 2025
456 Ko
SPM Impact Testing - 2020
273 Ko
SPM PVC Profiles fire certification 380154 - Classification report EN13501-1
74 Ko
Installation procedures
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Panels - Installation procedures
1,35 Mo


Silicone gasket for panel

Code : JS000

Packaging : 310 ml cartridge

Welding bead for panel

Code : DS003

Packaging : Roll of 100 ml

SPM acrylic glue, single glueing without solvents

Code : AC003+XLM

Packaging : 6 kg

SPM acrylic glue, single glueing without solvents

Code : AC003

Packaging : 14 kg

SPM solvent-free universal putty glue

Code : AC004

Packaging : 290 ml

Roll of double-sided foam adhesive 4957/15

Code : AD957+XLP

Width : 15 mm

Packaging : roll 25 m

Roll of double-sided adhesive 4970/45

Code : AD970+003

Width : 45 mm

Packaging : roll of 50 m

Stainless steel spatula notched serration A2

Code : OUTCC001

Height : 200 mm

Fin'Alu J-finish profile

Code : PF000SAA

Width : 3.00 m

Fin'Alu H-junction profile

Code : PF005SAA

Width : 3.00 m

Finishing profile and/or junction Fin'color

Code : PF002

Width : 3.00 m

Semi-rigid PVC baseboard Vynaflex 100

Code : GE100+0471

Width : 3.00 m

Height : 100 mm

Packaging : Box of 25

Double Handle Marouflage Roller

Code : OUTRM004

Width : 210 mm

Height : 120 mm

Cutter 701 with hook blade

Code : OUTCU001

Width : 140 mm

LEISTER wall welding case

Code : OUTMS001

SPM MS Polymer glue without solvents

Code : AC016

Packaging : 11 kg

Made in France

Toulouse-based company, expert in wall protection and handrails for over 40 years

Part of the Gerflor Group

French multi-specialist group, world leader in floor coverings

Health & Safety

Suitable for areas with high risk of infection. Fire classification M1 and Bs2d0

100% Service Team

A team of specialists at your side to advise you and carry out your quotes and orders

Environmental Friendly

Recycled materials, clean formulation, recycling of end-of-life products, …