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    PVC has a coefficient of thermal expansion that must be taken into account during installation.

    In the case of products stored in an unheated place in winter or exposed to the sun in summer, it is imperative to store them at installation temperature 24 hours in advance.

    If the products are to be exposed to direct sunlight, through a bay window or in a confined space (for example a glazed footbridge), provide expansion joints accordingly. Do not hesitate to consult us.

    For Decochoc panels with integral or semi-integral protection that are highly exposed to temperature variations of more than 10°C, provide expansion joints accordingly.

    If the installation has to be carried out in temperature conditions very different from 20°C (unheated rooms in winter...), take into account the variations indicated in the table below when laying.

    Temperature in °C Dimensional variations in mm
    (for 1ml in relation to the ideal t°)
    15 - 1mm Minimum temperature
    20 0 Ideal temperature at the time of installation
    25 + 1mm Permissible temperature
    30 + 2mm Maximum temperature



    Careful with the storage. Keep flat and indoors.


    Delivered packed with the installation instructions.

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