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Prehome SPM PVC handrails against human coronarivus HCoV-229E

99,96% of human coronavirus HCoV-229E eliminated after 2 hours on SPM PVC handrails

Infected people who cough or sneeze produce droplets that are projected into their environment and onto various surfaces. The first points of attention are contact surfaces such as handrails or walls.

Surfaces are vectors of contamination, SPM and Gerflor worked in partnership with an independent laboratory, expert in virology. It turns out that the durability of viruses on surfaces can vary from a few hours to a few days depending on the type of material.

Proven antiviral performance against coronavirus


Pictos Bactericides Virucides EN

In order to limit the proliferation of bacteria, SPM PVC handrails are made from bacteriostatic material and their surface has been specially designed to be non-porous and rounded.

Tests were conducted in a laboratory by virology experts according to the ISO 21702 standard and demonstrated virucidal activity on the human coronavirus HCoV-229E. The ISO 21702 standard allows testing the antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces. It defines a standard test protocol with a humidity of 90% and a temperature of 20°, after 24 hours. Tests carried out by an independent laboratory according to the ISO21702 standard attest to this.

Evolution of the percentage of infectious virus on the surface of the Linea'Touch PVC handrail compared to a 304L stainless steel surface
Scheme Covid Linea Touch


SPM PVC handrails have a virucidal activity of 99.96% after a contact time of 2 hours. In comparison, the virus does not disappear on a 304L stainless steel surface after 5 hours.


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